History of the butterfly swim

Before learn butterfly swimming, we should know its history. The butterfly swim evolved from the breaststroke and was originally swum with a breaststroke kick. The dolphin kick was later added, and in 1952, FINA established the butterfly as a monocathlon.

A good butterfly move includes small, fast kicks with your feet together. A good rule of thumb is: the bigger the splash, the slower you go. You want a small, fast whip. The core muscles are the powerhouse of your kicking game. Let’s move on some tips for learn butterfly swimming.

tips for butterfly swimming

Workable Tips

Some key words for learn butterfly swimming are PULL, PUSH, Kick. For the arm action, PULL is when the arms are fully extended, about shoulder width, out in front of you. PULL continues as your arms begin to move through the water toward your waist. PUSH is the closing part of the arm action as you push the water back and extend your arms again, but this time your hands are at your waist, not in front of your head. The final stage is the RECEIVE stage, at which you bring your arms back above your body and back to the original arm extension position.

The coach also preached a two-tap kick. The first kick is the big kick, which happens during the pull/push action, so it’s basically both arms in the water for the entire time period. The second kick happens in the recovery process. This is also the time when you will do the breathing. The key to effective breathing is to use the momentum of your kicks to push yourself out of the water. To be most effective, try to keep your head as close to the water as possible, and even keep your chin in the water if you can.

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