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High density EVA foam, over 10 colours options. F2SWIM agrees to
provide OEM, ODM service. Let me show you our production
line, swim kickboards.

Main Styles for Custom Kickboards

There are 35, 50, 60 density EVA foam, our factory mainly produces 50 density foam kickboards. According to our cooperation with some brands, swim shop, swimming schools, kindly recommend below swim kickboards.

We are very strict with the production of kickboards, going through several processes from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of the finished product. We want to make sure that every swim kickboard you receive is quality checked.

Production process about swim kickboard

Close to our manufacturer to know about how to custom swim kickboards, we will support your business, although you are a new man in this field. Firstly, our designer will help you to finish an artwork if you send logo to us.

set up kickboard

1. Set up artwork

An artwork will be set up free within 1 hour if your logo file is provided for us. The production for swim kickboard will depend on your artwork, so please confirm every detail before the order is placed.

foam colours

2. Choose colour of EVA foam

We provide over 10 colours EVA foam, and then you could custom single or multi-layers EVA kickboards. To be honest, more layers the price will be charged higher.

swim kickboard manufacturer

3. Cutting swim kickboard

We will move to cut the swim kickboard after the artwork, colours are approved by our customers. Our factory runs 3 production lines to produce EVA kickboards, the capacity for each month is 300,000 units.

custom swim kickboard

4. Printing swim kickboard

The color of the ink will be chosen according to the design. In order to make sure to print logo’s colour too close your idea, we will confirm sample pictures with customers before mass production.

FAQ for Custom Swim Kickboards

It is important to do research before selecting a new supplier. As a manufacturer of swim kickboards, we will help you to know about some tips for cutom swim kickboards.

The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces if you need to custom swim kickboards.

Yes, there are 1, 2, 3, 5 layers of swim kickboards, don’t hesitate to tell us your requirement.

F2SWIM develops 35, 50, 60 density of swim kickboards, 50 density swim kickboards are suitable for training swimming.

Free sample will be sent to you if you have an express account. Please contact us to share the freight cost of samples.

We support below payment options:

  1. Full deposit if any order below US$5000.
  2. 50% deposit, the balance before shipping if an order above US$5000.

Normally speaking, it takes 30-40 days by sea.

Some pictures of samples, bulk production, and package will be sent to you.

We are so sorry that material keeps rising and the inflation problem causes the instability of the costs.

So we are not sure what is the future price, but normally our offer has a six-month validity period.

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We are happy to help you realize your ideas. We can work 24/7!

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