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One-on-one custom swim cap, unlimited printing logo, names, numbers on the swim cap. Free proof will be set up within 1 hour if your logo is provided.

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Hi, here is Ian from F2SWIM. Let me guide you on how to custom swim caps.

I am a co-founder of F2SWIM. I have been working with F2SWIM for 5 years now. Click the button below to get great ideas on how we provide you with exceptional solutions for swim cap.

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    Why Choose F2SWIM?

    As a leading manufacturer of customuized swim caps, F2SWIM runs 4 production lines to print swim cap. Our designers will match your idea on swim caps.

    With 5 years of experience, F2SWIM is very proficient in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them to meet your needs and expectations.

    Need proof? Why don’t you contact us and we can arrange a ZOOM meeting for you, or provide samples. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not currently promote factory inspection interviews. However, such activities will resume as soon as the pandemic is over.

    silkscreen print swim cap

    Hot swim caps according to our clients' feedback

    F2SWIM develops kinds of swim cap, like classic silicone swim cap, seamless, long hair, and dome swim cap etc. We will recommend the right swim cap according to your requirements.

    We are very strict with the production of swim kits, going through several processes from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of the finished product. We want to make sure that every swim cap you receive is quality checked.

    Please let me know your requirement about custom swim cap, normally fabric swim cap will be used by children. Dome or seamless swim cap will be recommended to competition swimmers. We can send samples of swim caps for your trial if there is idea for a suitable sizes of swim caps.

    About silkscreen, digital printing

    F2SWIM prints personalized swim cap for brands, swimshop, and teams, there are silkscreen & digital printing technology.

    Minimum order quantity

    The minimum order quantity is 50 swim caps for silkscreen printing.

    Film cost of logos

    It is charged USD20/colour for logos film, USD20 is the film fee for 4 names.


    Using silkcreen print swim cap, we need to print one colour after another. The main difficulty is the distance between the position of the colors, size of logo depends on your request. Anyway, pictures of sampling will be confirmed if you need.

    Silkscreen Digital Print

    Minimum order quantity

    The MOQ is 300 swim caps one design for digital printing.

    Film cost of logos

    It is charged USD200 film cost for each design, double the cost if the pattern is not the same.


    There are many colours of the logo, like shade. In digital printing there is no need to replace printing plate. In many of the processes, the ink does not permeate the swim cap as silkscreen, but forms a thin layer on the surface.

    Estimated manufacturing and shipping times

    F2SWIM prints personalized swim cap for brands, swimshop, and teams, there are silkscreen & digital printing technology.

    design your swim cap

    1. Set up artwork

    An artwork will be set up free within 1 hour if your logo file provided for us. You can send JPEG, PSD, PDF, AI, or EPS format logo to us. Over 15 colours of swim cap in stock, and then you can custom other colours swim cap.

    Factory 08

    3. Manufacturing and packaging

    Production will be started after samples approved, it will take bout one week if total quantity below 10,000 swim caps. Our standard packaging is individual opp ag for each swim cap, you could custom zipper bag.

    pure silicone swim cap 1

    2. Confirm picture for sample

    There will be a slight difference between the design and the actual printing. In order to make sure to match your request about colour of logo, picture of sample will be sent to you confirm before mass production.

    fast delivery

    4. Door to door delivery

    The tracking number will be sent to you after swim caps are sent out, please help to finish customs clearance. There is no-duty service to EU members states, USA, Canada, Russia, UAE. Anyway, you could use your forwarder agent and express account.

    How to choose a suitable swim cap?

    F2SWIM produces different swim caps, such as silicone, seamless, dome swim cap, and lycra swim cap. It is important to wear a suitable size swim cap before swimming.

    Classic silicone swim cap

    This is the most popular size swim cap, which fits for junior and adult swimmers, waterproof, chlorine resistant. W23 x H20cm, about 56 gram each one.

    Seamless swim cap

    Fits for race swimming, smooth top reduces resistance in the water. About 65 gram each swim cap, enough stronge & thickness.

    Dome swim cap

    With 3D shape, it is about 120 gram each dome swim cap. It is wore by competitive swimmers, and the price is the highest.

    Fabric swim cap

    Eco-friendly material with quick dry, less pressure on the head with elastic fabric, it is better for children swimmers.

    Contact F2SWM to Cutom Swim Cap

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is request for custom swim cap. We are working 24/7!

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    We can realize your idea!