F2SWIM History

May 2019
Develop Swim Accessories

In order to learn changes in the market, we attended ISPO in Shanghai. It was a great show, based on market research, we decided to expand the production line again! After 5 internal meetings, we decided to move the factory to Huizhou, a neighboring city. Adding pull buoys, kickboards and swim paddles etc.

Oct 2018
Develop Swimsuit

One stop solution of swim kits, we always keep this mission. After half a year to learn the art of making swimsuits, we compared the raw material from three suppliers.

Dec 2016
Develop Swim Goggles

Besides of swim cap, more and more customers want to buy swim goggles. In order to match their requirement, F2SWIM developed their first swim goggles Blue Dolphin. It is suitable for children swimming, gasket and frame are made by silicone.

Aug 2016
F2SWIM was Established

Our factory was located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, we built a swim cap production line. In the beginning there were only 5 workers, all working towards the same goal!