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The purpose of a pull buoy is to allow you to focus on your upper body during training. This allows you to train your upper body and focus on stroke and body rotation. Rally buoys allow your legs to float in a balanced position on the surface of the water, which is the key to success with a rally buoy. It is important to make sure that the Rally Buoy is not so large that your legs are higher than the rest of your body. This can cause the upper body to dive or pitch downward, which can make paddling more difficult. If you are using a small tension buoy and you are not a small person, the opposite will happen. Your legs will sag and your arms and head will be raised too high in the water. We recommend that children under 14 and smaller adults use the Small Rally Buoy, and then larger adults and teenagers use the Regular Buoy.

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How To Custom Pull Buoy?

Please confirm the following details if you are going to make a customized pull buoy.

1. The measurement of pull buoy, adult or kids size.

2. Color and layers of pull buoy.

3. Logo file, like JPEG, PSD, PDF, AI format.


F2SWIM develops kinds of swimming pull buoys for brands, swim shop, swimming schools all over the world. Please follow below steps, we can help to realize your ideas.

1. Send an inquiry to us directly.

2. A proof will be made if your logo is provided for us.

3. A sample will be confirmed within one week.

4. We can provide door to door service, or use your forwarder.

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