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Main Steps for Custom Swim Cap

As a swim cap factory with 6 years of production experience, we have a mature production process, you can choose to trust us. A proof of swim caps will be sent to you confirm before doing sampling, the quantity, colour of swim cap, logo should be approved by your side. Step by step, we will realize your ideas to reality, welcome to send inquiry to us!

Set up a design

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Make A Sampling

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Arrange Bulk Production

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What Swim Caps we can customize?

F2SWIM provides kinds of swim caps, 55g standard, seamless, larger, and dome swim caps. Different prices will be offered if you want to choose a suitable budget.

print standard swim cap

Custom Standard Swim Cap

  • Measurement: 23 x 20cm
  • Grams: 55 ~ 57
  • Colors range: over 15 colors
  • Silkscreen & heat transfer printing
print seamless swim cap

Custom Seamless Swim Cap

  • Measurement: 22 x 19cm
  • Grams: 60 ~ 62
  • Colors range: over 15 colors
  • 4 sides and full printing
dome swim cap

Custom Dome Swim Cap

  • Measurement: 22 x 19cm
  • Grams: 110
  • Colors range: black, white, and custom
  • Print logo, swimmers names
print latex swim cap

Custom Latex Swim Cap

  • Measurement: 26 x 20cm
  • Grams: 30
  • Colors range: over 10 colors, and custom
  • Fast production within 10 days

Estimated Costing Analysis

The cost drivers for customized swim cap are type of material, printing artwork, packaging, transportation. In the section below, you will see the complete details of the cost.

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Costing of Plain Swim Cap

The cheapest price is latex swim cap, only US$0.65 per solid cap. It is US$1.00 for each standard silicone swim cap at this stage, you can pay US$3.45 for dome swim cap if there is enough budget for your team.

sample of swim cap

Costing of Printing Artwork

US$0.20/color/side is the printing fee
US$20/color is the films for logo, we will not charge this cost if the quantity up to 500pcs
USD15 for 4 names set up fee, US$0.30/side for printing names on the swim cap.

pvc bag

Costing of Packaging

Our individual opp bag is free, if you need to custom zipper packaging bag, US$0.10/pc will be added.
fast delivery

Delivery Costing

It depends on the quantity, destination and lead time. Our forwarder charges US$0.30/pc to France, Germany if an order above 2000 silicone swim caps, but the delivery time is about 75 days.

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