How to Choose a Suitable Swim Cap?

1. Why need to wear a swim cap?

To be honest, my head felt tight when I first wore a swim cap. While my coach told me swim caps are great for all swimmers, and while they may be uncomfortable and feel strange at first, they have a range of benefits when in the water.

Competitive swimmers wear swim caps to make their bodies more coordinated and to help them swim faster. However, we recommend that our swimmers wear swim caps during swim lessons for some reasons:

  • Wrap your hair so you can focus on your swimming race or lessons.
  • Helps to protect your hair. Swim caps are not designed to keep your hair dry, but they do add a small layer of protection against chlorine damage.
  • Helps to keep your head warm in cooler temperatures.
  • The surface of the swim cap is smooth so that it reduces your resistance in the water.
pure silicone swim cap

2. How many types of silicone swim caps?

Table of Contents

Classic swim cap

There are adult and junior size swim cap, about 55 gram for each classic silicone swim cap. As the most widely used swim cap, it brings a comfortable feeling when you swimming underwater.

Seamless swim cap

A seamless swim cap is wrinkle-free, which is perfect for both swimming and competition. This racing cap is very similar to a classic silicone cap, but it has a more rounded exterior. Unit one is 70 gram, stronger than latex swim cap.

Long hair swim cap

If you are an athlete with long hair, you need to wear a long hair swimming cap. With chlorine resistant silicone material, it will help to protect your hair. The extra space allows long hair to be tucked in without compromising the fit.

Dome swim cap

Dome swim cap likes a 3D mold, about 120 gram each one. Competitive swimming experts agree that wearing a dome swim cap, “is the easiest thing to do to make people swim faster.

long hair swim cap black

3. Some tips to choose a swim cap

Size of swim cap

Choose the right swim cap according to the size of your head. Otherwise, too big size of swim cap is easy to fall off, and the size is too small to wear up, which will bring uncomfortable sensations to the head.

Using of swim cap

Choose the swim cap with different properties according to training and competition.

Budget of swim cap

Due to the process, thickness is not the same, the price of the swim cap is also different. The dome swim cap is the highest price, the classic swim cap will be charged the lowest price. If the budget is not much, you can choose the regular swim cap, we can provide personalized swim caps for your team.

4. How to custom team swim cap?

  • Prepare logo files, such as JPEG, PSD, PDF or AI format. We could help to make a proof free if you send the logo to us.
  • Choose suitable colours of swim cap, and logo, there are over 15 colours silicone swim cap, you could mix colours from 50 pieces.
  • Confirm picture of sample after payment.
  • Go to mass printing if sample is approved. The tracking number will be sent to you if swim caps are sent out.


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